If you’ve tried freelancing through mainstream job boards and platforms, you’ve certainly noticed that they are riddled with arbitrary restrictions and unreasonable fees.

We want to change this. So that when you have a job in-process, you have certainty that you’ll get the results you want.

Hire or be hired on Rein, the definitive bitcoin freelance market.

  • Multi-signature escrow prevents fraud and keeps sure your funds are safe. To release funds, two-of-three parties in the transaction are required to sign.
  • Rein is a protocol – anyone can connect and trade, anyone can set-up a nodes or their own freelance network.
  • Rein is a completely pseudonymous network – it does not require proof of identity, just a cryptographic key that the client will help you generate and secure during setup.
  • Rein is modeled after the Internet itself. It’s as flexible as you’d ever need, regardless of your desired transaction.

Rein helps you expand

By using Rein, you make your contracting simple, secure and quick.

  • Reach new clients and freelancers from all over the world!
  • Avoid exorbitant fees and charges – we charge nothing for you using Rein, and most mediators only take 1% for their service fee.
  • Have unusual work? Rein includes a variety of pre-written contracts, and supports custom ones, as well.
  • Ensure you get paid – multi-signature escrow means that your money isn’t going anywhere without your involvement.
  • No longer wait for your money to be processed by banks. Bitcoin transactions usually take less than 30 minutes to complete!
  • You can use your online Bitcoin exchanges to have your money in your bank account, or your local exchange to have hard cash in your hand, very quickly once you deliver!
  • All of this means you can focus on fulfilling your part of the transaction without losing time on figuring out ‘how’ to make things work.

How does multi-signature escrow work?

  • The client funds the escrow account and the mediator’s account.
  • Any two signatures, from the client, mediator, and freelancer, are required to release the funds.
  • If the freelancer fails to deliver, the mediator and client sign the transaction, and the funds are returned to the client.
  • If the client fails to accept work that’s been done up to contractual requirements, the freelancer and mediator can also release the money.
  • In case of disputes, mediators rely on the contract itself. Though not always possible, we always look for a mutually agreeable compromise.

Using Rein is simple!

Here’s what people are saying about us:

For me, Rein provides an easy way to work for Bitcoin without having to worry about anyone involved in the deal being screwed over. That coupled with Bitcoin’s potential makes me fairly confident in Rein’s potential for growth and improvement.  -FJ

Rein does what it’s supposed to and does it well – bitspill

How does Rein compare to other freelance markets?

Escrow/ Protection Multi-signature Only on protected hourly billed jobs
Freelancer/ Client Screening No No No Yes, strict
Built-in Contracts No, possibility of individual contracts between FL and Client. No No Yes, between FL and TopTal.
Dispute Resolution Individual mediators chosen by client. Upwork Freelancer TopTal
IP assignment Arranged between client and freelancer. All work always belongs to the client. Depends on agreement. Client owns everything.
Fees 1% mediator’s fee. N/A

(requires Python 2.7)

v0.3.2-beta from

Release notes

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How to Setup Rein
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Standalone web-apps
Bitcoin Signature Tool for Rein

Community / Dev
Github: ReinProject
IRC: #Rein on Freenode
Reddit: r/Rein
Twitter: @ReinProject